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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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thunderstorms that made their way through the area and now almost completely through the area. that is good news. this is what has happened over the last five hours. you can see the lines their way through. and in through portions of southern maryland. that is when we have some strong storms and some lightning. no severe thunderstorm warnings in our area. you have to go across the eastern shore. this is where the severe thorl warnings are toward talbot county. to the north of cambridge, along our shorelines here, as far as southern maryland goes, a tornado watch in if he can for 7:00 but that will be allowed to expire and be canceled like for the rest us. the green areas, flood warnings toward winchester. toward loudoun county. numerous roads are closed. make sure you take your time and give yourself a lot of extra time. and a flash flood warning. heaviest rain to the east.
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we're not quite done yet. we have more rain that will come through during the overnight hours. most on the moderate side. some areas will see some heavy rain. right now the heaviest through southern charles. you are just now starting to see that rain make its way through saint mary's county, too. some line, some thunder, some very heavy rain. the worst of this storm is now over. however, veronica johnson shows us how the storms may be over but the rain, we're still dealing with it. >> we're still dealing with it. take a look at the rainfall totals that we received. this is a composite image based on our radar. the storm team 4 radar. you can see the areas in green. over two inches of rain. frederick county through fauquier county to the north and west. some of the totals that i was able to find, sharpsburg, 2.88. in middle town, all this to the north.
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as you see, our storms ending. we expect the skies to clear by tomorrow morning. things settling down pretty fast. >> they will tip to settle down fairly fast as this frontal boundary. here's that front making the way through the area. we have more rain for tonight and then tomorrow. something completely different. we'll talk about it in a minute. >> one neighborhood in the district is keeping an extra close eye on the storms. residents in bloomingdale have their fingers crossed that it won't flood again. it has already happened several time this year. >> reporter: there was a high level of anxiety here today. this neighborhood flooded several times this summer. it was very expensive for a lot of people. earlier today mayor gray told news 4 that he is very close to being able to make an announce many about a major short-term remedy for the problem. it was already drizzling as
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people came to the corner of first and v streets northwest to pick up sandbags. >> i'm planning on using them to barricade like the stair wells because we did have some water creep in. it was rain water. not the awful stuff that people have been getting. >> d.c. water stationed an army of employees in the bloomingdale neighborhood. it was hard hit by flooding three time this summer. the culprit, an outdated 19 century storm drain system. a task force has said the solution will take tens of million of dollars and take a decade to complete. they have pressed for a more immediate recommended. earlier today d.c. mayor vincent gray said that may be on the horizon but he would not get into specifics. >> we're at a solution that could be implemented in the shorter term. we're working on something and hopefully we'll have something to announce soon. >> reporter: meanwhile as they stock up on sandbags, residents
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have their fingers crossed this storm will not hover over bloomingdale for too long. one of the biggest complaints that we're hearing from people in this neighborhood is they're getting the run-around from their insurance companies from a lot of different places when they're trying to get compensated for this damage. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll talk to a councilmember who wants to pass legislation to financially assist the people. reporting live. when the skies opened up in northern virginia this afternoon, a lot of people were rushing out of the rain. whether they had umbrellas or not, many ended up soaked. weather conditions have changed a lot in tyson's corner. >> reporter: high and dry now. in northern virginia today, it seems like we got a little bit of everything. first the winds. then a sliver of sunshine. and then rain by the buckets. in this day of ever and
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uncertain weather. first came the wind. and as the winds picked up, tree limbs came down. and in some cases, they brought power lines with them. we found this dominion crew working to restore elected along route 7. traffic. it was snarled for a while. but it was a short-lived outage and lights came back on before you could say this is no derecho. sometimes in bathtub like bursts. at this tyson's corner shopping center, for a while people tried all sorts of things to get from here to there without getting drenched. it was something less than a flip-flop friendly day. people skipping, hopping, running, but that fast-moving water always seemed to win.
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this woman, she tried rolling up her pants. the water still won. so what is next? well, we got the water proof hat, the water proof jacket, the water proof pants. bring it on. live in fairfax, pat collins, news4. an arlington man is under investigation accused of secretly taking nude pictures and video of a foreign exchange student living at his home. police tell us the young woman from germany discovered the images on the man's finger drive. she left the house and stayed with a friend until she could return to germany. no details about the student are being released yet because she is a juvenile. she has not pressed charges and so no arrests have been me yet. weather was not believed to be a factor in this deadly crash earlier today in mclean. police tell us the driver lost control of a mini van on linesville road. it hit a tree, burst into flames. the driver died at the scene. the cause of the crash is still
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under investigation. in the presidential race, mitt romney's campaign is in damage control after the release of a video taken secretly during a phrasing campaign in may. on that tape romney speaks bluntly about those who receive government aid. >> 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. 47% who are with him, who are dependent, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, food, housing, you name it. it is an entitlement. and the government should give it to them. and develop vote for this president no matter what. >> after that tame was released romney held a news conference in california. >> it is not he will beganly stated. let me say that. i am speaking off the cuff in response to a question and i'm sure i could state it more clearly and a more effective way than i did in a setting like that. >> when you're president of the
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united states, you are president of all the people. not just the people who voted for you. >> that tape was secretly recorded during a fund-raiser at a private home in boca raton. supporters payed $50,000 to attend. it came to light after an opposition researcher tracked down the person who shot and it broker the tape's release to the liberal magazine mother jones. the researcher is the grandson of former president jimmy carter. there is a dramatic shift in the latest poll for the critical swing state of virginia. a new "washington post" survey out today shows president obama with a clear lead. the poll of more than 800 likely voters finds the president with an eight-point lead over mitt romney. the president is holding the campaign rally at the stadium in wood bridge. it is free but advance tickets are required. ticket pick-up began this
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morning at the stadium and at the president's campaign offices in wood bridge and manassas. a steady stream of people showed up for their chance to see the president on friday. and tim kaine and george allen will be facing off live on nbc 4. that debate co-sponsored by the fairfax chamber of commerce gets underway at noon in mclean. julie carey and aaron gilchrist are the panelists. when we come back, a prominent d.c. abolitionist has a place in the u.s. capitol. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood. this big statue of frederick douglass. and
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a statue of famed abolitionist frederick douglass is finally going to get a home in the halls of congress. >> it will join statues from the nation's 50 states. as tom sherwood reports, the honor for the civil war leader has been a long time coming. >> reporter: frederick douglas is barely seen by the people walking by. the former slave and educated abolitionist battled for the rights of all people. winning world recognition. but an effort to get the statue to a ceremonial spot in congress has language wished for years until now. the d.c. democrat eleanor holmes norton and dan lundegren from california reached a bipartisan
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compromise to have douglass moved to capitol hill. >> i made a promise to the delegate. to the congresswoman that we would do this. i wanted to assure that there was some recognition. not only the district of columbia but to me. frederick douglass has been lost to too many people. >> this shows respect from the congress of the united states. >> reporter: they each have 52 statues. people passing by said the move is long overdue. >> should have always been up there and not down here in this building. i just feel that all that he accomplished and all of the legacy behind him. he deserved to be at the top. >> what about pierre charles. they hoped he would be moved, too. and jack evans said he has a
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plan for pierre. >> the proposal will be to move it out of there which is a nowhere land to be and back to the wilson building. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> doug joins us now. a wild couple of hours. >> are we out of woods? >> i think for the most part. most of the heavy stuff is now out of here. the severe weather threat diminishing greatly. we no longer have to worry about that. if you're one of those people thinking a lot of people on my facebook and twitter make saying what about the nationals game tonight. it has been canceled. yes, we are expecting more rain. that has been canceled. there will be a double-header tomorrow. back with sports to tell you what time that double-header will begin. out there right now. you can see the cloud cover across the area. we do still have some rain across the region. you can see it here. the radar clearly shows where the heaviest rain is. you folks seeing the heaviest rain around worcester county
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through saint mary's, calvert, anne arundel county, and across the bay toward the eastern shore. you are seeing the heaviest rain. there is still a lot of rain to the south and west and we'll continue to watch for that. here's where the line of storms were coming through. any time you see a line like this, you know you're going to see some strong winds. we did see winds in excess of 60 miles per hour across the area. numerous trees down in many areas. we have about 15,000 people across our region without power. then we get to the watches and the warnings. the only severe thunderstorm warnings are along the eastern shore toward talbot county. a tornado watch in effect along portions of southern maryland. but i expect this to be discontinued. there is no longer that tornadic threat once the storms move out. the green areas are all flood watches and flood warnings, including a flash flood warning for montgomery. and then toward frederick county, virginia, and frederick county, maryland. these are areas that picked up a
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tremendous am of rain today. two to four inches of rain. take look at the flooding. these kids enjoying themselves. you never know how deep the water is. a lot of areas there and a lot of roads, still closed through frederick, loudoun county. you probably know which roads we're about about heads up. as i mentioned, we're not done just yet. here's the severe weather along the i-95 corridor to the east. here's the front. way back into western virginia. that front has to move through before we start to clear out. by that time we will clear out very nicely. we'll see much different conditions when you wake up tomorrow morning. out there now, 77 degrees. winds out of the south at eight miles per hour. our winds have come way down from 30 to 40 miles an hour like they were earlier. temperatures in the 60s just about everywhere.
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68, leesburg. 69, down toward fredericksburg and 68 in la plata. what will we be seeing? that front moves on through and in come high pressure again. and plenty of sunshine. tomorrow it is going to be a great day but it is going to be on the cool side. this evening, the storms quieting down. the rain will be ending around midnight. here's your next seven days, showing cool temperatures tomorrow. a high of 74. 76 on your thursday. 80 on friday. as we start to warm back up. another cold front moves through on saturday. that one brings us even cooler air as we start out next sunday and monday. then some nice weather. a lot of fall-like weather in the next seven days. if you enjoyed last week. >> we like it. >> still to come, reading book on these ebooks is quite popular but your ereader might be share more about your habits than you know. >> plus, everyone is trying to catch that glimpse of
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washington's newest panda. >> and we're flying high from week two of the
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doug is kind of encroaching on your territory. >> double-header tomorrow. >> he goes to london, he talks sports. >> the nats game tort has been canceled. tomorrow will be a double-header at 4:00 and 7:00. so tomorrow catch a little baseball. now football. two weeks done and in the books. did you know there are only six unbeaten teams left in the nfl but plenty of good plays. we need to show you pronto. to the nfl's top plays from the week that was, we start in cincinnati. the redskins better look out for
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bengals receiver andrew hawkins this sunday. check out some of the moves. waiting, waiting, finally gets the ball. and fakes out a couple of defenders. cuts back across the field. all the way in for the 50-yard touchdown. the bengals' big win against their in-state rivals. >> how about brent selleck? certainly ed reed didn't know about him but he learned quickly, 6'4", 255 and he can get up. just like an olympic hurdler. he makes the leap and keeps on going. he had eight catch for 157 yards against baltimore. it was right place, right time for vikings receiver steven burton. the christian ponder pass against the colts tipped at the line. battled by tight end kyle randolph and right into burton's hands for the touchdown. luck was on minnesota's side. andrew luck was on the colts' side as they downed the vikes.
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how about the giants' quarterback, ely manning did not look like an mvp on this play. hits pass picked off. check out wright. he is doing the rest. the giants swiping at him but he keeps avoiding. he is all the way to the house as the bucks almost pulled off the upset against the defending super bowl champions. going way back to last thursday. the packers had the most deceptive play of the week. a fake field goal. the hoerld shovels the pass to tom crabtree. he sees daylight and now he's seeing the end zone. mike mccarthy salutes his team's first win of the year. this was a good game. reggie bush against i had the raers. as a matter of fact, it was the best game of any running back of any this week. breaks a couple tackles and breaks into the house. man, reggie bush going for 172 yards to give head coach joe
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philbin his first career win as a head coach. >> nowhere was there a need. just a wicked hit against fred davis by the rams' db. what about the defenseless receiver rule? no penalty was called. that drew the ire of the head coach mike shanahan and probably contributed to the tempers boiling over. that cost the redskins the chance to go 2-0. i have to bring this up to you. it is like the redskins, they broke their opponent. then they fail to hold. they weren't supposed to get that win in the new orleans. if you don't hold serve, it is all for naught. >> square one. start all over again. tennis analogy. >> now we can relate. and you'll have the five-day forecast coming up. >> is this male bonding? do you want me to go away so you
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can be together? and that's fine. >> when we come right back, we are monitoring the severe weather rolling through our metro area. the latest damage reports and when this will all end. >> plus, homeowners say they are concer
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we're following some news in prince george's county. >> a strong storm has caused a tree to come down on a house. darcy spencer is live with details. >> reporter: i spoke to the woman who lives in this home just a few minutes ago and she said she is blessed. she is not lucky, she is blessed. she was inside the house when this happened this afternoon. and came within inches of being hit. she is perfectly okay. take a look at this tree. this is the root system here. you can see where it simply toppled over.
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right on to the side of the house here. the woman said she was inside her bathroom when she started hearing loud banging. and realized something terrible had happened. ran into her bedroom and saw this large tree had fallen right there on the to the bedroom area. it hit the roof. she could see damage in her bedroom on the ceiling as well as the walls. and fortunately, she was not hit. she came within six inches, she said, of this tree. and feeling very, very lucky. she said it is a 100-year-old tree and it survived a lot of different storms but not today. >> when i saw the wind pick up and like i said, i was in the bathroom. then all of a sudden i had a boom, boom, bang and it felt a little vibration of a shake. remember, the house is 110 years old so it is very structurally sound. and then my next thing was to run to the bedroom. because i knew that's where the tree went because it missed me. that window. >> reporter: so the owner of the house here feeling very fortunate that she was not
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injured. again, she was inside the house getting ready to pick up a child from daycare when this happened. so crews are here trying to assess the damage. they're going to put a tarp over the roof and she does have a place to go. so feeling very fortunate that this tree did not hit her but caused standing damage to her home of reporting live, darcy spencer, news4. question for you. we've talked about the rain today. how high were those winds this afternoon? >> we saw severe thunderstorm wind gusts upwards of 60 to 61 miles an hour. that was the highest that i saw recorded was 61 miles an hour. that was a mile south of the airport a little earlier today. with the tree like that one, it doesn't take a lot of wind. maybe 40, 50, 60-mile-an-hour winds to bring a tree like that one down. there were numerous trees down across the area and that's why we saw thatsome power outages. it is continuing to move toward the east. we are going to continue to see some rain moving back into the area. most of it will be light to moderate. the severe threat, no longer here. we do still have some stronger
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storms into southern portions of calvert copy. southern saint mary's. they continue to move off toward the east. i'll have more of my forecast coming up. thanks. homeowners who live next to an old landfill are answering some new questions about their safety. they're concerned that the landfill might be contaminating their neighborhood. chris dpornd is there live to look into this. >> reporter: good evening. this is the old landfill in derwood, maryland. it has been closed 30 years but you see montgomery county is collecting methane gas here. and a few years ago, neighbors discovered that the landfill can be contaminating their groundwater. homeowners are concerned that the possibility pollution from the landfill. from 1964 until 1982, when the landfill closed, almost 5 million tons of trash was dumped here. the 100-acre parcel is now used
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for a gas to energy facility. montgomery county considered locating a bus lot but abandoned that plan as harmful to the community. >> there's raw gas going in. if you look at the pipelines, they're leeching all that off. >> i walk my dogs back there. i see children and stuff playing back. there i don't know what the effect is going to be for us healthwise. >> residents who are active say toxic chemicals here from the landfill are ten times greater than the maximum limits set by the e.p.a., the environmental protection agency. >> he were up in arms that the landfill was still spewing off gases. >> reporter: the montgomery county of environmental protection is monitoring the landfill weekly. >> we have a lot of groundwater contamination. those are the kinds of things we have.
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paint strips, those sorts of things. trace amounts are in the water but the community is in public water. there is no safety hazard to anyone in the community. >> reporter: the homeowners are planning to attend a meeting to hear what the county can do to clean up the landfill, knowing that it is sure to be an expensive and lengthy process. now the landfill is certainly an expansive piece of property and one of the proposed uses would be as a public park. but first, it must be shown to be safe for the neighbors nearby. reporting live, chris gordon, news4. voters in maryland will be deciding to roll the dice over question 7 in november. they'll be deciding to expand gaming. more than $16 million has been spent to sway voters. news4's prince georges county bureau chief tracy wilkins explains who is shelling out all the money. >> a good job. the key to a good life. >> reporter: the folks behind tv and radio ads like this one in
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favor of question 7 are part of a ballot issue committee called for maryland jobs and schools incorporated. so far they've spent $8.1 million trying to get votes for expansion in november. this is a lot of money. >> it is and it is going for a good cause. >> reporter: he sxrels operates national harbor. the likely location of a las vegas style casino in prince george's. they'll also contributed the least to the committee. according to records filed with the maryland board of elections, mgm, the likely operator of the casino, has contributed $8.3 million. cbac gaming llc is behind a proposed baltimore casino. they've given $1.2 million. and peterson, $400,000. >> between radio and television. it is not cheap. so it might seem like a big number but we're out there competing with the time on the
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air with the presidential elections and the likes of that. >> reporter: tv ads alone in the d.c. market can run as high as $50,000. as it stands, the contest for question 7 is on track to be the most aexpensive one in marylands history. >> we're trying to dispel those. >> reporter: while both sides of this debate are spending a lot of money, the opposition is speck more than proponents. coming up, where that money is going. national harbor. news 4. metro put the brakes on a campaign to boost ridership on the yellow line. metro was planning to hand out free $5 fare cards for the mellow yellow campaign. it was postponed because of rosh hashana. it is hoping to encourage female transfer. that could save commuters a lot of time during morning rush houmpl metro says its plans to hold the event at a later date.
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an update from the national zoo. the zoo staff has gotten a few glimpses of the panda cub and they report that mom seems to be doing a good job taking care of the newborn which you can hear the squealing on this video that the smithsonian has posted on flicker. >> the mother is cradling and grooming the cub. and there is evidence she is successfully nursing. all very good signs. >> and louder than yesterday. >> when we come right back, a business owner abducted at gunpoint from his virginia gas station. now his family has a message for the
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two men from guatemala have been banned after customs agents caught them trying to smuggle in cocaine them hid it in a double walled jar or double walled jars of cream and honey. the men arrived on flights into dulles on saturday morning and the agents discovered the jars in the men's bags. the jars contain 20 pounds of cocaine in all. since last october, officers have seized more than 50 pounds of cocaine in seven different incidents. >> a new study out tonight suggests the chemical may be connected to childhood obesity. this study was conducted at nyu. bpa is found in the lining of canned goods and some plastics. the study found that kids with the highest levels of the chemical in their systems were twice as likely to be obese. >> childhood obesity is mostly the result of unhealthy diet and
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poor physical activity but we're increasingly understanding that chemical also play a role. >> the study only involved teenagers themselves say it is unlikely that bpa levels in the body could have any adverse health effects. a separate report out found that most states will see a 50% obesity rate among children by the year 2030. when we come back, is your ereader reading you? it may know a lot more about you than
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we love our ereaders. 40 million have been sold but there is a little known side to these popular ebooks and tablets. as liz crenshaw reports, it is about your privacy. some ereaders are keeping track of your reading habits. >> i just feel like it is a little too close to my personal space. >> if i make a note it is for myself. >> reporter: when you read a book, other than the title on the cover, no one really knows
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your reading habits. if you read on some electronic readers, all your book choices and how you mark or take notes are collected. and when you download a new book, all that data goes back to the company who sold it to you. >> i guess the easiest way to say it is that your ereader is reading you. >> reporter: david jacobs with electronic privacy information said it is like having the punisher, author or even law enforcement watching you read. >> which passages did she highlight. how long did she read the book for? almost as if they were right there in the room with her looking over her shoulder. and taking notes. >> i'm not a fan of that. pretty invasive. i don't agree with it at all. >> reporter: why would an ebook maker want to know the nitty gritty of how you read? certainly marketing. imagine the value of a publisher to know readers never get past page 300 in this book or readers reread the sections with this
5:47 pm
particular character. >> that sort of thing would be useful in helping to market different authors and different readers' habits. >> reporter: what about your privacy? reading choices do reveal intimate facts about who we are. our politics, our pleasures. what did you underline in the price of politics or what did you highlight in 50 shades of gray? so what can companies do with that information? >> obviously, there has to be a red line as to how far that could go and where their marking should end and my privacy should begin. >> reporter: but the fact is, you gave up your privacy when you signed up. >> if you read the terms of service very closely, you can find out about this but nobody does. >> reporter: we did. take a look at part of the policies of two of the biggest ereaders. amazon kindle's license agreement says annotations, bookmarks, notes, highlights or similar markings you make using your kindl or reading
5:48 pm
application and other information you provide may be stored on servers. barnes and noble's nook. without limitation we will collect, use and or disclose information radding you and the use of your nook use and service. do they share your personal reading habits? barnes and noble told us information about reading behavior is invaluable in helping us create best in class reading devices. we do have great relationships with our publishers, but do not share specific customer information with them. we asked the same question of amazon. and after a month of trying, we have not gotten a response. liz crenshaw, news4. >> so are your ereading habits protected by the law? not exactly. while almost every state and d.c. have privacy laws protecting your library habits,
5:49 pm
only california has a law that applies to electronic books. now back to the severe weather. >> we're really good. we still have the rain out there across parts of the area but we no longer have that severe weather threat. currently, 70 degrees at the airport. the winds out of the south at eight miles an hour. a far cry from where they were about all day long. in the 30 to 40 miles an hour range. those have really come down. >> anne arundel county at 70 degrees. what are we seeing as far as the rain is concerned? the heaviest rain is now across the eastern shore in through portions of the del marva. southern cal vert county seeing some fairly good rain. and then around the northern neck, you're still seeing some of that heavier rain along the potomac. the rest of us just seeing that lighter rain across the area. it is a fairly steady rain so through the rest evening hours, for about the next two to three
5:50 pm
hours, you can see this light to moderate rain as it continues to move toward the east. we still have our frontal boundary. here's the front. you can see it clearly defined. nothing out behind it. we are going to wait for this front to move through before things begin to clear out of here. as far as our temperatures are concern, it will get a little chilly. 57 in washington. down to 51 in frederick. about 50 degrees along the i-81 corridor toward the mountains. some areas could pop into the upper 40s tonight. i think tomorrow night will be a little bit colder. by about four or five degrees. tomorrow night, actually chilly. tomorrow afternoon, a little on the cool side. temperatures tomorrow, about five degrees below average. eight who have 74 in washington. 69 toward martinsburg. 69, winchester and 72 in culpepper. that coming with plenty of sunshine during the day tomorrow. more sunshine on thursday and on friday. so nice weather here again. a cool start on thursday. then warming to 76.
5:51 pm
80 degrees on your friday. a chance of rain on saturday. before another front comes through and ushers in some of the coolest air we've seen in quite some time. not a bad forecast out there at all. we'll call it nice. >> what's trending today at one of the most anticipated debates of the political season? and it doesn't involve the two men running for president. >> we're talking about the upcoming debate between jon stewart and bill o'reilly. they agreed to the so-called rumble in the air conditioned auditorium debate. the debate will take place on october 6th at gw. all ticket proceeds will go to charity. >> if you're anxiously waiting to get your hands on the mcrirk you'll to have wait a little while longer. mcdonalds said it is holding off launching the mcrib sandwich. it is a sign of fall. officials say the delay is part of a strategy to boost year-end
5:52 pm
sales. imagine that. >> but there are always burgers and today is national cheese burger day. they hosted a burger eating contest. a guy called munchin mike longo beat out all the competition, scarfing down 17 sliders. his next closest competitor had 11. first place earned him about $500 and a chance to compete in the national finals. >> and a former miss america is now a college student in our area. teresa, miss america of 2011, took the crown at age 17. one of the youngest miss americas ever. and after a year of miss america duty, she is now a freshman at patrick henry college in virginia. she tells leesburg today that she is thrilled to be working toward her dream of becoming a judge and she hopes to one day use her scholarship from the pageant to attend harvard. today, 18 months of work and $11 million later, a neighborhood rehabilitation
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project is complete in georgetown. part of the work on o and p streets near wisconsin avenue restored the car system. it operated until 1962. except for a stretch of track in london, they are believed to be the only surviving examples of this type of track. the work will provide a smoother ride for drivers going down those streets. it can be a little rough. today, some middle school students in northern virginia learned about staying fit from the pros. several members of the washington redskins spend this day with kids from sterling middle scoot at redskins park in ashburn. the kids got to talk with players about how to prevent injuries and good ways to exercise. the event will be part of the nfl's play 60 campaign which encourages kids to get out and be active and avoid cheese burger day. when we come back, the search for a virginia businessman who was abducted from his store. and we've just learn
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the search continues for a gas station owner who was abducted early sunday morning. it happened just outside richmond. >> witnesses told police two men wearing dark closeding forced mr. patel into a dark colored van. no one has seen or heard from him since. jessica spoke with his family and friends. >> he was loved. he is loved. >> yes. >> reporter: tears for paresh. >> he is a very simple person. a very nice person. i don't know why this has happened. >> reporter: friends and family say the 84-year-old father of
5:58 pm
two keeps busy with his two teenage children. run hiss popular chesterfield gas station and devoting time to his religion. we are told that patel spent most of his time here at this temple. family and friends call him a religious man who is quiet and polite without an enemy in the world. that's why family and friends can't understand who would want to hurt patel. and his indian neighbors are afraid who could be targeted next. >> it upset me so much. >> reporter: she is considered a pillar in the indian community. she says she doesn't believe patel was targeted because he is indian. but instead of a victim of another local crime. >> there is lots of things happening nowadays. >> reporter: meanwhile, friends gather at patel's home with his family. while many declined to go on camera, they are praying for his
5:59 pm
safe return. now, at 6:00, an nih researcher murdered in his maryland neighborhood. right now, fast moving storms swept through our area. it didn't stay long but it did do some damage. >> we have new reaction after mitt romney tried to clear up controversy. and a murder mystery involving a researcher at the national institutes of health. good evening. we begin with team coverage tonight of the storm that have raced through our area today. heavy rains and strong winds hit just about all of us this afternoon. the storms caused some flooding, brought down some trees and power lines. they even caused trouble at local airports. >> it appears the worst of it has moved on. doug kammerer has the latest on this weather that hit us pretty hard and fast. >> really fast. some areas seeing winds clocked at 45 to even 60 miles an hour as they moved
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